The Prime Minister’s Office – Happiness Report

Communicating the UAE Government’s success



Attaining happiness is a global pursuit. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Government has always had deep regard for its citizens’ wellbeing and believed that there is a correlation between their happiness and the growth of the nation. As a result, it sought a deeper understanding of happiness amongst its citizens and residents.

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) conducted a state-of-the-art research study with leading partners to develop the UAE Government Services Happiness Model. This ground-breaking research was transformed into actionable recommendations at a government service level, with a view to better meet the needs of UAE citizens and enhance their overall happiness.

This global first needed to be shared with academics and leaders across the world. Dragoman was appointed to write and design an in-depth report, documenting the project’s success.



Dragoman worked with the PMO’s research team and senior management to tell the story of the research methodology, data analysis and key recommendations. A 5,000 word report, titled ‘Optimising Happiness to Impact a Nation’, was written and finessed, telling the compelling journey of the project and its achievements.

The concept for the report was to create a design that has structure, order & clarity. The approach explores a contemporary report style that is well organised and formal, but remains engaging and accessible and is authoritative in its delivery. This is achieved through a disciplined grid system, distinctive typography and sophisticated colour palette.



Communication strategy
Design systems
Information architecture
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