Quardlock had designed and developed the world’s most advanced offline biometric security technology and needed a brand to support their next stage of business growth and market expansion.



We worked with the Quardlock senior management and technology teams to develop the brand positioning and brand identity. With the digital world creating massive opportunities for business and society, it also creates risks and dangers with individuals, companies and countries as they are exposed to malicious activity such as identify theft, financial losses and industrial espionage. But if you use Quardlock’s biometric off-line security for identity verification, physical spaces, digital access and transaction authentication, you become impenetrable. This laid the foundation for the brand positioning. The brand tone of voice had to demonstrate solidity and be direct in the way it communicated. No fluff, to the point. We kept the brand assets simple with a view to create immediate impact and also to be adaptable to the various sectors that the technology is relevant for. We worked with the business development and market team to create messaging and a tone of voice that would aid in telling the broader story, quickly framing the threat, but very quickly move to how Quardlock provides the solution.




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