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In a word, relentless.
To say that the management at naseba are passionate and driven, is somewhat of an understatement. Naseba have been doing a lot of things very well for quite a while now. They had created some of the region’s best forums and summits, such as the Woman in Leadership Forum, that were attended by international calibre guests and speakers. Naseba was also actively growing an investor relations business. So, with a heritage of summits, forums and training services, what did the future need to look like? Never ones to stand still or dwell on today’s success, it was time for the next stage in the organisation’s growth.



We worked with the management team in a series of workshop formats and interviewed forum attendees to review their existing offers, analyse the market and explore their future vision. In the drive to open new markets and services, the business had diversified their offer. Whilst this was opening up new revenue opportunities it was creating a services portfolio that was not aligning. The forums and summit business were separate to the investor business. Structurally it all made sense, but this approach was fragmenting the naseba brand and counteracting synergies between offers and services. Additionally, the successes of the forums and summits was not being captured adequately by naseba. Some forum attendees not understanding that the forum was run and managed by naseba. Through all of the business activities Naseba was also sitting on a wealth of market intelligence.

It was clear that we needed to leverage their success in a more meaningful way and create one brand narrative that would refocus the resources of the business around a single vision. To do this we cleaned up the brand architecture and pulled everything under one brand, creating company divisions where there were previously brands and created a brand proposition that was centred around market intelligence and ‘Creating opportunities for growth’. We also created a visual endorsement system for the forums and summits that ensured that naseba would be front and centre. Within the next cycle of forums, almost all attendees were referencing naseba.

With a brand that now truly reflected their success and provided the structure for the future vision, they were set for the next chapter.

After all, success is a choice.



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