Abdul Latif Jameel Land

J One: Uncomplicated urban chic



Abdul Latif Jameel Land were in the process of planning their first residential development in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Abdul Latif Jameel Land approached Dragoman to develop the name, branding and endorsement system to the corporate brand.  


What we did

This was the first time that Abdul Latif Jameel Land had developed a project outside of their corporate portfolio and as such the link between the corporate brand and the project brand needed to be carefully considered. This was also not to be the last residential project and as such consideration needed to be given to this project being the first in a portfolio of developments. We reviewed the evolving business strategy and assessed the market to identify the brand opportunity. We developed a naming system that signalled this historic first step for the organisation, but also supported a future expanding portfolio.

The development was looking to appeal to a range of audiences, from locals to Western expats and as such the brand needed to have a universal appeal whilst conveying the affluence and consideration to design and planning. The name J One was selected and a brand mark and visual language was developed that set the tone for the aspirations of the development and its future tenants. We also developed an endorsement system that clearly identified Abdul Latif Jameel Land as the developer through visual association and also through and endorsement line ‘The premier residential development by Abdul Latif Jameel Land’. A set of key messaging provided a communication platform to take the brand to market.



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Brand architecture
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