DIFC Fintech Hive

Imagine it forward


Project overview

The FinTech Hive brand was no longer representative of the business or the every shifting fintech industry. DIFC was also in the middle of re-evaluating its brand and creating a brand portfolio structure to leverage the success of each of the entities and create a platform for business growth and new customer acquisition.


What we did

We engaged with leading global start-ups to assess the current brand and refined the audience segments and positioning. The brand needed to speak to a much younger and more dynamic entrepreneurial audience. Additionally the start-ups were looking for a greater link to the credibility of the DIFC brand.

‘DIFC’ was added to the brand name and the new DIFC FinTech Hive identity used the corporate font and diamond graphic for instant recognition.

The vibrant colour palette and dynamic angular visual language bought the brand to life  through animation in digital and social media channels, creating a dynamic and colourful brand that is represent of the Hive’s energy and agile approach to problem solving.



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