Darat Al Saady

Creating a contemporary feel for a family brand



Darat Al Saady is a family office based in Saudi Arabia, with a suite of investments and companies under their name.

This holding entity was looking to shift their perception in the international market to be more contemporary and progressive. The senior members of Darat Al Saady frequently present to leading global investment firms, and they wanted a brand that matched their modern approach to business.



Dragoman was appointed to redesign their existing brand identity. It needed to have an element of heritage, but still feel advanced.

As an under-the-radar organisation, the brand was intentionally understated and refined. The design included the creation of a distinctive family monogram featuring the DAS initials. It was inspired by a traditional Moroccan doorway, to represent the family’s ancestry.

Dragoman rolled out the new identity across an elegant suite of stationery.

It is an Identity that future family generations can be proud of; a modern and trustworthy signifier of the company values that define Darat Al Saady.



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