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Consumer behaviour was changing in the middle east and globally. Carrefour needed to assess the relevance of its current brand proposition against these changes to remain relevant and set a platform for continued market leadership.



We started by working with a research company to understand the core changes and motivations in consumer behaviour. Key consumer types were mapped in relation to the current trends and motivations, but also with an eye on future trajectory. Dragoman then developed and tested new brand propositions, with Carrefour management and through further market research and testing, to identify the brand proposition which would move the business forward and setup a platform for future growth. Following the brand proposition, Dragoman developed design systems to take the brand to market. The new brand proposiiton and design systems were tested in key locations. Once feedback was collected, the design systems we modified and finalised for roll-out across the extensive store network. Roll-out was supported by a comprehensive brand guideline that captured the new brand positioning through to the store design system.

In the prototype store research found:
Ease of finding products in store up 27%.
YOY sales up 2%.




Market Research
Brand positioning
Brand strategy
Brand identity
Brand visual language
Brand in-store design system
Brand guidelines


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