Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital

Where a child can be a child



Named after the youngest daughter of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital is the first branded hospital in the region that specialises in advanced care for children.



Dubai Health Authority had a strong vision and clear brand proposition for the hospital from day one.

The Al Jalila Children’s brand is a symbol of hope and care for families. The brand mission was to ensure that kids continue to smile and feel like they are at a safe place, even in difficult times.

Dragoman was appointed to give ‘the region’s first childhood speciality hospital’ a joyful brand personality and bring the essence of the brand to life. Dragoman consulted with a diverse team of hospital staff, from all specialities, to ascertain how Al Jalila would be distinct and to ensure it was comparable to leading hospitals internationally.

The development of the hospital’s brand identity needed to visually be inspired by the Al Jalila Foundation, yet have its own unique feel tailored to its audience. The visual language and iconography were designed around the idea of ‘child’s play’, creating an approachable, warm environment and reflecting the caring attitude of the hospital’s caregivers.

The brand needed to engage with children at every touchpoint. Something as simple as a doctor’s name badge was designed with two sides: one official and the other a cheerful first name introduction to the patient.

Dragoman also worked on the directional signage and wayfinding which included environmental graphics to differentiate the hospital zones and create an approachable ambience. This created a coherent wayfinding system and a connected patient journey.

The Al Jalila Children Specialty Hospital is not just a place where sick kids get treated by world-class medical practitioners, but it always remains a place where a child can remain a child.



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