Strategic Partnership 

We partner with like minded companies to augment our offer and give us additional breadth and depth.   


IQ data

IQ data is the leading geo-location data company in MEA.

IQ data provides products and consulting services to help our clients and partners build data-driven strategies whether to surface new customer insights, optimise retail layouts or build complete data strategies from the ground-up.



Why5 is a research agency that specialises in understanding people, brand, services and social phenomenon anywhere in the world.

Investing in meaningful relations between people and brands starts with understanding the phycological fundaments of brand relationships. The Why5 research model is a bespoke model that builds on the fact that all human beings have a similar psychological framework.

Why5 offer a full range of research solutions, from qualitative and quantitative to neuro diagnostics across a range of services, from concept and brand positioning testing, customer segmentation to NPS.


Step Draw

Step Draw is a media production studio that we partner with to bring our branding and strategic ideas to life in the digital world. Step Draw are fully equipped to deliver 2D, 3D and videography.

800+ successful projects

700+ minutes of animation created

60+ TB of video material filmed